Kids Beds

Kids beds

A bed is a place to retreat after a long day. It’s also a place to take a nap, dream about a better tomorrow and simply let go of time. For kids, beds are also place to play games of let’s pretend, create tree forts and have sleepover parties. A child will need a bed to sleep in that fits them well. Kids also need beds that provide enough support so they can get a restful night’s sleep all year long. Parents who are looking for Incy Interiors kids beds should keep in mind that a child may know exactly what they want before the parent starts the search. Parents should also keep in mind that a ten year old boy will quickly become nearly a grown man in just a few short years.

Standing the Test of Time

One of the most important things to think about when choosing a kid’s bed is the style of the bed. Parents want beds that will still look terrific even twenty years from now. This is why so many parents opt for timeless styles that look great even when the child brings the bed with them to their first home. Think about the details of the bed before shopping such as the type of material used. For example, wood always looks great. It can also be changed by repainting as the child gets older and wants to have a new style. Classic styles like bed with spindles will stay in fashion for many years.

Other Materials

While wood is highly popular and easy to change, other materials also make great kid’s beds at Metal is elegant and airy. A metal bed with curves is ideal for a young lady’s bed. She can create an inviting canopy by hanging fabric over the top of the bed. Many metal kid’s beds are available in a wide range of colors. For example, a girl might choose a pink metal bed to match the color scheme in her room. A boy may want to opt for a black or silver metal kid’s bed for a more masculine look in his room.

Varied Bed Sizes

Kid’s beds come in several sizes just like adult beds. A single or twin bed is just right for a younger child who wants to feel cozy as they sleep. A larger bed can be unsafe. For older kids, a full or queen sized bed may be the better choice. A full sized bed allows a growing boy enough room to stretch out as he sleeps. Full beds also take up less space than queen beds so they can easily fit in a child’s room. A queen sized bed is an ideal option for an older child. The large size leaves the teen with the space they need to feel comfortable as they fall asleep. Each parent should think about what size kid’s bed is right for them as they go search. A good bed will serve a child perfectly for many years to come.

Eden bed - King single

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