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Super Gift Ideas for Baby Showers

Whether it is your best friend, your sister or your daughter-in-law, when you are invited to a baby shower, you want to make sure you give the mom-to-be something she can really use. Often moms-to-be will create a registry, but if the shower is a surprise (or the baby) she may not have the opportunity to create one. If you are left on your own to come up with gift ideas, why not get her baby furniture at It is definitely something she will need. Here are some suggestions for baby furniture items to get for a baby shower.


A bassinet is a small, basket-like bed where the baby can sleep during her first few weeks. Because it is smaller than a crib, it has several advantages. It can make the baby feel snug, promoting a sense of security early on. It will also take up less space if the new mom wants to keep the baby near her bed for the first few weeks to make night feedings more convenient. It’s small size also makes it easier to get the baby in and out of.

Baby Swing

This is a wonderful piece of Incy Interiors baby furniture that will help to entertain and sooth the baby when she is fussy. It can be an especially helpful piece of baby furniture when mom and dad need a break or need their arms for other things for a little while. The mom-to-be will be grateful for this one.

Changing Table

Every mother needs a changing table. It may be one of the most useful pieces of baby furniture available. Not only does it give you a convenient place to change your baby, but a good changing table offers plenty of storage space for supplies like extra diapers and wipes and all of the lotions and potions that can accompany a baby. Look for one that has a good high that is comfortable for changing the baby. Also make sure that the changing table has a safety strap that acts as a sort of seat belt to keep the baby safely in place while her mother is changing her.
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Rocking Chair

This is technically not baby furniture. It is actually designed for adults. That being said, adults will use it often when caring for the baby. A good rocking chair is a place where the new mom can nurse the baby, rock her to sleep and just spend time together. You can’t go wrong getting a new mother a rocking chair.


Cribs can be pricey baby furniture. If you are worried about the cost, you might ask another of the shower attendees to share the cost so that it can be a gift from both of you. You might want to know how the new mom plans to decorate the nursery so that you can get something that matches. Also be aware that some cribs can morph into toddler beds so that they grow with the baby. As baby furniture, a crib can be quite versatile.

When you are at a loss for what gift to give at a baby shower, consider giving the new mom baby furniture. Baby furniture is always something she can use. Just make sure to check in with someone close to her to make sure she does not already have the item you plan to purchase.

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