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About Kidz R Starz


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Kids Chair Elements

kids chairs

A well designed kid’s room will have several elements. The room will have a pleasing color scheme that the child finds both soothing and exciting. A well put together kid’s room should also have bright details such as artwork, warm rugs and window coverings for privacy and climate control. One of the most important of all in any room is the use of furniture. A comfortable kid’s room should have furnishings that invite creative play and exploration of the world around them. This is why many parents look for kid’s chairs that fit well with the rest of the elements in the room. A well designed kid’s chair should be comfortable enough so that the child can relax and read or sit down and talk with a friend.

Small Scaled

It is crucial to keep scale in mind when choosing kid’s chairs from A teen has not reached their full growth. The kid’s chair should let the child reach the floor comfortably when seated if possible. Smaller scaled furnishings can also be used in smaller kid’s rooms where space may be tight. A chair that fits into an eave allows the child to look out the window and see the world from the comfort of their own safe and secure room. A chair in a color they like means a chair that the kid will use quite often. Chairs that allow others room to sit are also useful for kids who share a room with a sibling.
Sybilla settee
Rocking Chairs

One of the most popular types of kid’s chairs are rocking chairs. Rocking chairs are an excellent addition to any child’s room. These chairs offer kids a relaxed place to sit as they read or watch videos. Rocking chairs are also easy on the back and legs of a growing child. A large rocking chair is excellent place for a child to sit right before heading to bed when they want to get sleepy. Rocking chairs also make a useful perch for a parent to sit as they read the child a bedtime story or check the kid’s homework for the day.

Elegant Settees

Another good option for a kid’s chair is to buy from Settees offer ample seating in any kid’s room. A settee makes a cozy option on cold day after hours spent in the backyard. A settee is an excellent option for a kid who has many guests over during the week and wants a place for them to sit. Settees are also useful in that they are easy to use in an adult’s room as well. A kid can take the settee with them when they head for college and their first apartment. The low slung back makes it easy to use this kind of kid’s chair in a smaller room with lower ceilings. Many companies offer smaller scaled settees that are specifically designed with a kid’s height and needs in mind. They make an excellent addition to any thoughtfully designed child’s room.

Baby Furniture Gifts

Super Gift Ideas for Baby Showers

Whether it is your best friend, your sister or your daughter-in-law, when you are invited to a baby shower, you want to make sure you give the mom-to-be something she can really use. Often moms-to-be will create a registry, but if the shower is a surprise (or the baby) she may not have the opportunity to create one. If you are left on your own to come up with gift ideas, why not get her baby furniture at It is definitely something she will need. Here are some suggestions for baby furniture items to get for a baby shower.


A bassinet is a small, basket-like bed where the baby can sleep during her first few weeks. Because it is smaller than a crib, it has several advantages. It can make the baby feel snug, promoting a sense of security early on. It will also take up less space if the new mom wants to keep the baby near her bed for the first few weeks to make night feedings more convenient. It’s small size also makes it easier to get the baby in and out of.

Baby Swing

This is a wonderful piece of Incy Interiors baby furniture that will help to entertain and sooth the baby when she is fussy. It can be an especially helpful piece of baby furniture when mom and dad need a break or need their arms for other things for a little while. The mom-to-be will be grateful for this one.

Changing Table

Every mother needs a changing table. It may be one of the most useful pieces of baby furniture available. Not only does it give you a convenient place to change your baby, but a good changing table offers plenty of storage space for supplies like extra diapers and wipes and all of the lotions and potions that can accompany a baby. Look for one that has a good high that is comfortable for changing the baby. Also make sure that the changing table has a safety strap that acts as a sort of seat belt to keep the baby safely in place while her mother is changing her.
Teeny conversion kit - Dove grey
Rocking Chair

This is technically not baby furniture. It is actually designed for adults. That being said, adults will use it often when caring for the baby. A good rocking chair is a place where the new mom can nurse the baby, rock her to sleep and just spend time together. You can’t go wrong getting a new mother a rocking chair.


Cribs can be pricey baby furniture. If you are worried about the cost, you might ask another of the shower attendees to share the cost so that it can be a gift from both of you. You might want to know how the new mom plans to decorate the nursery so that you can get something that matches. Also be aware that some cribs can morph into toddler beds so that they grow with the baby. As baby furniture, a crib can be quite versatile.

When you are at a loss for what gift to give at a baby shower, consider giving the new mom baby furniture. Baby furniture is always something she can use. Just make sure to check in with someone close to her to make sure she does not already have the item you plan to purchase.

Kids Chairs

kids chairs

Just like adults, kids are highly unique individuals. From the very start, a baby will show a personality. Kids tend to have very specific likes and dislikes. Many parents are well aware of their child’s personality from an early age. This is why they look for furniture that the child likes. Kids chairs are a good way to provide something useful for a child and still let them show off who they are to the world. When looking at kids chairs, it’s a good idea to think about the kid’s needs right now as well as they grow. A child’s tastes may change as they get older just as adults change their minds about what they like and dislike.
Albie desk

The Basics

All kids chairs from will share certain things in common. Each kids chairs are made from certain materials. They also have a certain specific shape. For example, some kids chairs may have a tall back while other kids chairs are more low slung in shape. Some kids chairs may also have armrests while others do not. Some chairs are brightly colored while others offer a more neutral palette. Parents should think about what goes into the ideal chair they have in mind for their child. Many parents already have a specific idea about the kind of chair they want to buy before they decide to purchase it. This way, they can have a set idea that helps them narrow down any potential choices before looking for the chair they want to purchase.

Varied Places to Look

Today’s parents have many places to search for the right kind chair for their child’s room. They can look in person at a local furniture store. Many local furniture stores carry a full line of chairs in the showroom. Parents can come to the room and have a close look at the kinds of chairs that are available for purchase. This is a good option for the parent who has the time to browse. Spending time in a local furniture store can help the parent think about the kind of chair they really like best.

Looking Online

Another option for today’s parents is looking online. Search for chairs online at is a good idea for the parent who has a specific idea in mind already. This a good way to learn about what kind of chairs are available. Many companies offer a complete line of products online. They typically include detailed descriptions that let the parent see exactly what they are getting before they buy it. In this way, the parent can look at literally hundreds of possible choices that may appeal to them and their child. A child can participate in the searching process for the chair directly with the parent. Both parent and child will benefit from having many such options at their fingertips. Each can have a close look at the types of chairs on the market at any given time. Then, they can buy the chair they happen to like best.

Kids Beds

Kids beds

A bed is a place to retreat after a long day. It’s also a place to take a nap, dream about a better tomorrow and simply let go of time. For kids, beds are also place to play games of let’s pretend, create tree forts and have sleepover parties. A child will need a bed to sleep in that fits them well. Kids also need beds that provide enough support so they can get a restful night’s sleep all year long. Parents who are looking for Incy Interiors kids beds should keep in mind that a child may know exactly what they want before the parent starts the search. Parents should also keep in mind that a ten year old boy will quickly become nearly a grown man in just a few short years.

Standing the Test of Time

One of the most important things to think about when choosing a kid’s bed is the style of the bed. Parents want beds that will still look terrific even twenty years from now. This is why so many parents opt for timeless styles that look great even when the child brings the bed with them to their first home. Think about the details of the bed before shopping such as the type of material used. For example, wood always looks great. It can also be changed by repainting as the child gets older and wants to have a new style. Classic styles like bed with spindles will stay in fashion for many years.

Other Materials

While wood is highly popular and easy to change, other materials also make great kid’s beds at Metal is elegant and airy. A metal bed with curves is ideal for a young lady’s bed. She can create an inviting canopy by hanging fabric over the top of the bed. Many metal kid’s beds are available in a wide range of colors. For example, a girl might choose a pink metal bed to match the color scheme in her room. A boy may want to opt for a black or silver metal kid’s bed for a more masculine look in his room.

Varied Bed Sizes

Kid’s beds come in several sizes just like adult beds. A single or twin bed is just right for a younger child who wants to feel cozy as they sleep. A larger bed can be unsafe. For older kids, a full or queen sized bed may be the better choice. A full sized bed allows a growing boy enough room to stretch out as he sleeps. Full beds also take up less space than queen beds so they can easily fit in a child’s room. A queen sized bed is an ideal option for an older child. The large size leaves the teen with the space they need to feel comfortable as they fall asleep. Each parent should think about what size kid’s bed is right for them as they go search. A good bed will serve a child perfectly for many years to come.

Eden bed - King single

Buying Kids Furniture

Buying Kids Furniture With Confidence

Don’t assume that buying kids furniture has to be something that makes you feel like you have to pull your hair out. It doesn’t have to be that overwhelming. If you want to purchase kids furniture with all of the confidence and ease in the world, you can easily do so. All you have to do is set your mind to it. There are some parents that mistakenly think that kids furniture doesn’t have to be strong. They think that their kids are going to grow out of the furniture items. That’s the reason that they don’t believe that they should put significant money or time into the whole search process. You may not have to spend a lot of cash on Incy Interiors Kids furniture. That doesn’t mean, though, that you shouldn’t devote sufficient time to the process. If you want your children to be comfortable and content at home, then you have to give them access to furniture that’s impressive in all sorts of pertinent ways. Don’t ever be slapdash about the shopping process for kids furniture pieces.

It’s vital to think about all of the wood varieties that are out there. If you want to buy kids furniture that’s sturdy and that won’t quickly fail you, you need to concentrate carefully on wood options. There are many parents who are fans of solid wood choices. There’s one big catch associated with this kind of wood, though. That catch is that it tends to be markedly more vulnerable to scraping and scratching. It tends to be more vulnerable to noticeable water discoloration as well. Parents of children who spill water frequently should think about this. Parents of children who do a lot of active playing should think about this as well.

If you want to make informed kids furniture purchase choices, you need to be 100 percent sensible. Think about styles and colors with regard to furniture at If your sweet young daughter asks for a neon pink dresser, approach the situation with a lot of care. She may not be a big fan of the same striking color in just a few short years. It may be a wise idea to compromise a bit if at all possible. Parents may want to look for pink furniture items that are a bit more muted and subtle in appearance. A nice baby pink may be preferable to neon.

Parents who are looking for strong kids furniture pieces also need to assess activities and lifestyles. If you have a child who likes to eat snacks in his or her bedroom, it may be prudent to look for furniture pieces that are equipped with resilient materials. It may be prudent to search for pieces that include materials that are not prone to the development of stains. Stains on upholstery can be pretty unpleasant visually.

The process of shopping for kids furniture items doesn’t have to be something you despise. If you do it alongside your little one, it can actually be pretty enjoyable.

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